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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a team of upstream and service company  professionals with decades of experience dedicated to bringing solutions to common mature asset oilfield problems.

Avenirre™ provides innovative products, processes, and platforms to address the needs of the mature asset management segment in the oil and gas business today. Our products are of particular interest to production personnel, production engineers, reservoir engineers, and executive management. Our products empower them to make quicker and wiser decisions using less resources while embracing ESG compliance. We are proven to reduce G&A, CAPEX, LOE and increase production.

With premium reservoir optimization automation accomplished by allowing the reservoir to manage production, typical “blowdown events” are eliminated, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). In addition to our proprietary optimization loops, Avenirre™ is currently developing future software and hardware products aimed at further emissions reductions and calculation of reductions on location.

The wellsite communications are transmitted to our proprietary SQL database using a cellular network. We use Microsoft Azure Cloud (Azure) platform for ongoing development, disaster recovery, remote monitoring, storage, computing, and report generation. Once on Azure tenant data is stored separately in unique tenant database sets that provide confidentiality.
A plunger lift is a mechanical device that more efficiently lifts fluid from the bottom of a well to the surface for purposes of maximizing bottomhole flowing pressure differential between the wellbore and the reservoir. In using plunger lift, Avenirre™ generates maximum production by focusing on moving the liquids first.
A setpoint is a pressure, time, or gas rate condition that must be true before other actions will be commanded to occur for plunger operation.

A common problem occurs when a user attempts to force a well to operate on a time schedule, resulting in excessive shut in pressure build up time. A superior method is to use pressure setpoints, allowing the well to produce whenever it is ready. After all, reservoirs do not know time; they know pressure.

Avenirre™ OFS provides a wellsite controller named Ascensirre™ (pronounced “A-sens-Or”) for each well that uses setpoints to open and close the well. Numerous pressure transducers, electronic flow meters (EFMs), and other sensors aid the wellsite control box to perform its function.

Advisirre™ is a proprietary user interface which allows operators to visually see plunger performance and make any changes, if necessary.