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Our Technology

production Intelligence (PI) & Oilfield Services

Avenirre™ BI is a Production Intelligence software designed to increase cashflow, reduce operating and labor expense, and preserve cash.

The platform was created by seasoned upstream professionals to help automate operations and reporting of mature assets at both the field and corporate levels. Our goal was to create a unique cost-savings production and functionality platform with real-world proven cost benefits to the operator.

Production Intelligence

Avenirre™ BI offers producers an integrated platform for data hosting, operational control, reservoir optimization through premium production automation, and production intelligence through proprietary hardware, software, and automation algorithms. The practical production intelligence in our platform includes the secure integration of forward-looking operating cashflow projections, positive revenue asset management, and a multi-variate proved developed reserves estimation dashboard with an automated forecasting feature. It is the consolidation of these functions and proven performance by Avenirre™ that creates a new market segment and an exciting opportunity for operators of mature oil and gas assets.

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Oilfield Services

Avenirre™ OFS offers producers a stable, functional, and proven plunger lift wellhead controller that includes ESG compliance, reservoir engineering disruptor products, and encrypted data transmission to Avenirre™ PI.

Avenirre™ Differentiator Products, Services, and Certification Efforts

ESG Compliance
Seeking to becoming first OFS company to achieve EPA E3 Certification.

Automated FBHP calculation device using ESG-friendly processes.

Cloud-based intermittent and plungerlift production coordinator developed to mitigate temporary high line pressures associated with an intermittent on period or plunger cycle for multiple wells on a common gathering system.

Mathematically-derived automatic forecasting tool that applies preferential weight to the last 60 months of production and identifies outliers for purposes of recognizing a reservoir signal change.

Economic Reserves
And internal multi-variate report in Avenirre that offers multiple forecasting, expense, and pricing scenarios for the purpose of determining unaudited reserve value and volume estimation.

Functionality Avenirre™ Company A Company B Company C
OFS Sales and Support
Automonous Reservoir Optimization
Operational Accounting Reports
Reserve Production Alerts
Unaudited Reserve Estimation
Predictive Maintenance
Daily Production Reporting
Operating Cashflow (OCF) Dashboard
Graphing Engine
Data Transmission Security
Operational Control (Cloud Based)
Reserve Forecast Production Alerts
Operational Syncing (Synirrgy)
ESG Accountability Efforts
Automatic Production Forecasting (AutoDecline)
Dynamic and Autonomous Fluid Level Measurement (AutoShot - 3Q20)
Digital Scrape / Intervention of Competitor Devices (4Q20)

Basics of our Automation Logic as a Differentiator

Full-Cycle Avenirre™ OFS Plunger Automation Handling

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